[Oa-italia] L'Open Access come "rischio"

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Sab 5 Maggio 2018 11:37:46 CEST

Segnalo anche, a corollario della mail precedente, l'articolo di Science
Guide che commenta il Prospectus di Springer:
Springer Nature is committed to open access with IPO

Non servono commenti.

*Leaflet with risks*

The company also included risks and warnings in the prospectus that is
intended for potential shareholders. If legislation is made that undermines
the exclusive right of ownership of the magazines, this may put pressure on
the business model of Springer Nature. * There is also a risk that the
price models will be changed under pressure from public opinion and that
can again lead to negative business results. Any questions about the
integrity of the peer-reviewed system may also cause reputation damage and
profitability may also decline.*

Nor does the market leader in Open Access rule out the fact that* the
impact factor as a benchmark for magazines may come under pressure in the
future.** This does not exclude the possibility that social media can also
play a role in the value assignment of magazines. If less importance is
attached to the impact factor of a journal in the future, so that
policymakers can also look at other elements when distributing research
funding, this may be detrimental to Springer.*

*Springer also sees the growing transparency about the costs of publishing
as a risk*. For example, the company refers to the recently published costs
of universities and governments to the publishers. Springer points out that
there is a constant debate in society about the costs that are made for the
open availability of publications by scientists. We also refer to a German
where the competitor Elsevier could not sign a contract
with German universities because it was not possible to publish Open Access. As
a result, German researchers banned Elsevier's magazines.

Negotiations are currently under way with Springer and the German
Consortium, and there are currently negotiations with French universities
to conclude new contracts. There is also a meeting of European universities
in Brussels today to discuss joint Open Access strategy. With recent
developments at the competitor Elsevier in mind, according to Springer, it
is uncertain how this is going to end. *This may put the margins and the
profitability of the company under pressure,* if necessary caution the new

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