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appena uscito il volume dal titolo The guide for supporters, con un
interessante approccio al futuro della comunicazione scientifica


Many of us enable the sharing of research either directly or indirectly in
our work. We are a diverse set of parties who provide the systems on which
the research can be communicated, critiqued, and evaluated.

We do it in different ways. We do it from any number of places and projects
(varying widely in function, size, organizational and business model).

Our commonalities:

   1. Shared problems
   2. Shared language of research communication
   3. Shared values and shared challenges in our work

Too often, another commonality is the experience of frustration with the
seeming lack of progress. But above all, what draws us together is the
common interest to improve the research enterprise at large.

In our book, we propose a way forward for us as a community to build an
ideal future truly supportive of researchers. We believe we can work more
effectively together than when alone by drawing on the existing work of
others. But more than that, we would be even more powerful as a community
based on values that come out of this collective interest. Coordination is
difficult, and this is best addressed not by any set of rules, but by
working more effectively together.

We offer a number of current observations: examples of successfully run
efforts that support research communications and descriptions of
anti-patterns which have an opposite effect. We then delve into core issues
plaguing our efforts -- funding, governance, rewarding, and communication
-- and provide suggestions based on patterns and opportunities embedded
within these issues we have identified. We close with *ten shared values*
<https://www.supporters.guide/ten-principles> that most exemplifies what
brings us together as well as how we can work more effectively as a
community. The aim of this book is to bring Supporters together as a
community. Let us start the conversation about what this means to practice
these values in our collective endeavor.

dr. Elena Giglia
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