[Oa-italia] Pierre Mounier sulla necessitÓ di un dibattito serio e bene informato su Open Access

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Segnalo questo articolo di Pierre Mounier uscito il 14 agosto, sulle
necessitÓ della bibliodiversitÓ - e del discernimento - nel dibattito
Towards universal open access? Why we need bibliodiversity rather than a
“silver bullet”

As a conclusion, too often, the discussion on open access models is
sometimes completely confused, sometimes too simplistic, and usually based
on undue generalization of local situations and even singular experiences.
It doesn’t reflect properly the variety of parameters that influence the
way research is practiced and communicated amongst peers and towards
societies at large. Therefore, we desperately need a better-informed
discussion based on case studies and probably driven by the actor-network
theory because it allows for a modelling of how diverse stakeholders
interact in the scholarly communication process. Because we need not only
open access, but above all open scholarly communication models that serve
the actual needs of the research communities and societies to create
knowledge and benefit from it, we need an open access model based on

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