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Dear list-dwellers,

With apologies for any cross-posting.

At the Open Science MOOC, we understand the problems associated with the
term "open science", in that some people consider this to be exclusive of
disciplines not considered to be 'hard science'. Right from our beginning,
we discussed what we should call ourselves, and have been mindful of this.
We decided that the best thing to do would be to keep our name as it is,
but be explicit about what we consider the term to mean, and who/what that
included. As such, we set out to have a highly inclusive standard right
from the beginning, especially for research disciplines, united under the
banner of open science. Which you can read more about here:

To this end, we don't just want to preach inclusivity, but practice it too.
This is why we are super excited to release our next video, for the
forthcoming module on Open Access. It is with Erzsébet Tóth-Czifra, Open
Science Officer at DARIAH, and is all about Open Access in the Arts,
Humanities, and Social Sciences: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yknszE62I6s
Erzsébet is also on the Steering Committee for the MOOC, and helps to make
sure that we aren't focusing purely on STEM disciplines as we grow.

The video provides a great introduction into the growing services and
infrastructure around Open Access books and monographs, as well as some of
the special technological developments happening in this space. There are a
tonne of useful resources too for you to learn more, and we hope you find
this useful!



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