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The Economic Impacts of Open Science

A common motivation for increasing open access to research findings and
data is the potential to create economic benefits – but evidence is patchy
and diverse. This study systematically reviewed the evidence on what kinds
of economic impacts (positive and negative) open science can have, how
these comes about, and how benefits could be maximized. Use of open science
outputs often leaves no obvious trace, so most evidence of impacts is based
on interviews, surveys, inference based on existing costs, and modelling
approaches. There is indicative evidence that open access to findings/data
can lead to savings in access costs, labour costs and transaction costs.
There are examples of open science enabling new products, services,
companies, research and collaborations. Modelling studies suggest higher
returns to R&D if open access permits greater accessibility and efficiency
of use of findings. Barriers include lack of skills capacity in search,
interpretation and text mining, and lack of clarity around where benefits
accrue. There are also contextual considerations around who benefits most
from open science (e.g. sectors, small vs larger companies, types of
dataset). Recommendations captured in the review include more research,
monitoring and evaluation (including developing metrics), promoting
benefits, capacity building and making outputs more audience-friendly.

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