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sulla manipolazione dell'Impact Factor.
Academic misconduct and criminal liability: Manipulating academic journal
impact factors
*Science and Public Policy*, scz019, https://doi.org/10.1093/scipol/scz019
12 May 2019
Although initially created to help libraries determine which journals to
include in their catalog, impact factors have become one of the most
utilized measures of journal ranking and they are increasingly used for
performance evaluations, tenure, promotion, and research grant decisions.
It is also a measure that some editors manipulate and this manuscript
questions the legality of that manipulation. Because impact factor
manipulation distorts information on journal rankings, and since that
information is used to make resource allocation decisions that affect the
dispersion of federal funds, that distortion violates the False Statements
Act. This deception is widespread; impact factor manipulation has been
documented in journals across academia. Moreover, if editors coerce authors
to add citations, then they may be putting those authors at legal risk as
well. Following our argument that impact factor manipulation is illegal, we
propose policy measures aimed at curbing the use of such manipulative

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