[Oa-italia] IFLA ILDS Conference Beyond the Paywall: Resource Sharing in a Disruptive Ecosystem -- Praga, 2019-10-9

Silvana Mangiaracina mangiaracina a area.bo.cnr.it
Gio 16 Maggio 2019 19:00:31 CEST

Cari colleghi,

scusandomi per il cross-posting, vi inoltro il programma 

della 16th ILDS (Interlending and Document Supply) Conference,
che si terrā dal 9 all'11 Ottobre 2019
presso la  National Library of Technology (NTK) di Praga, Repubblica Ceca.

Il tema della conferenza "Beyond the Paywall: Resource Sharing in a 
Disruptive Ecosystem" riguarda le sfide piu' attuali che le comunitā e i 
network di cooperazione inter-bibliotecaria si troveranno ad affrontare.
La conferenza č organizzata dall'IFLA Document Delivery and Resource 
Sharing (DDRS) Standing Committee.

Ho il piacere di ricordare che ne parleremo anche a Pavia, nel X 
Convegno NILDE su Document Delivery e la cooperazione interbibliotecaria 
"Biblioteche virtuali per utenti reali" il 30-31 Maggio 2019 

sia nel corso delle sessioni che della tavola rotonda "La conoscenza č 
per tutti? Contrattazione con gli editori, open access e document delivery".

Di seguito, in inglese, alcuni degli argomenti che saranno trattati in 
Ottobre a Praga.

"Beyond the Paywall: Resource Sharing in a Disruptive Ecosystem", 16th 
ILDS (Interlending and Document Supply) Conference, 9-11 October 2019

Conference Key questions include:

How should we, members of the global DDRS community, provide a strategic 
response to a rapidly shifting ecosystem in which publishers, libraries, 
and users are dealing with new open access mandates, possible “big 
flips”, new options for document search and delivery (beyond P2P, 
including direct publisher-to-user delivery), cost impediments, and 
other challenges?

Is it possible to leverage our already-existing global infrastructure to 
keep the library relevant as the ecosystem continues to evolve? How can 
we contribute to the development of global delivery solutions which are 
innovative, stable, and resistant to the whims of the marketplace and 
accessible to all? What might be our roles in the next stages of 
development of global academic research support (including publishing) 
infrastructures? In the advancement of trusted public information 
infrastructures? In relation to regional copyright regimes and in 
relation to various content format types?

We welcome thought-provoking papers from libraries, publishers, and end 
users which discuss these challenges from a strategic perspective.

Suggested Topical Areas may include but not limited to

   * Beyond the Paywall:Coming to terms with, thinking strategically
     about P2P, open access, e-only content, grey literature, and beyond
   * Power Shift:Strategies for staying relevant in the publisher-to-user
     delivery era
   * The Digital Divide: Pressing issues for improving access to
     resources for all members of our community
   * Copyright:Approaches to ILL for various format types not under
     public domain from the perspective of different legal traditions
   * Collaboration:Interacting with current and planned regional storage
     projects (e.g., ReCAP, British Library, Kooperative
     Speicherbibliothek Schweiz)
   * Assessment:Demonstrating value and impact of resource sharing on
     scholarship, research, and student success

Cordiali saluti,
Silvana Mangiaracina


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X Convegno NILDE: Pavia, 30-31 maggio 2019 <http://www.convegnonilde2019.it/

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