[Oa-italia] Julia Reda su art. 13 e rischi per Internet

Elena Giglia elena.giglia a unito.it
Dom 23 Set 2018 22:27:47 CEST

segnalo questo articolo di Julia Reda appena uscito su Wired sui rischi
connessi all'art. 13 della nuova Direttiva appena votata, che rischia di
uccidere Internet

That explains why the Directive's
supporters so easily dismiss warnings of censorship infrastructure and
restrictions on our freedom to link. Since they don't consciously intend to
cause these effects, it must just be hyperbole. And since their politics
are driven by supporting one particular oligopoly over another, it's
natural for them to assume the “other side” must be similarly motivated.
Any opposition is dismissed as a Google-orchestrated campaign – an absurd
belief, but like most conspiracy theories, highly effective at shutting
down factual debate.

The supporters of Articles 11 and 13 believe they are merely regulating a
struggle between powerful industries. But legal and technical experts
examining the actual provisions, and forecasting their consequences, are
near-unanimously sounding the alarm: by interfering with the basic dynamics
of the internet, what they are regulating is our freedom of expression.
Those sticks turn out to be swords hanging over all of us.



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