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Rufus Pollock (economista e matematico, fondatore di Open Knowledge) ha
pubblicato *The Open Revolution.*
Il volume si puo' scaricare qui:

Sembra moooooolto interessante.

Will the digital revolution give us digital dictatorships or digital
democracies? Forget everything you think you know about the digital age.
It's not about privacy, surveillance, AI or blockchain -- it's about
ownership. Because, in a digital age, who owns information controls the
future. Today, information is everywhere. From your DNA to the latest
blockbusters, from lifesaving drugs to the app on your phone, from big data
to algorithms. Our entire global economy is built on it and the rules
around information affect us all every day. As information continues to
move into the digital domain, it can be copied and distributed with ease,
making access and control even more important. But the rules we have made
for it, derived from how we manage physical property, are hopelessly
maladapted to the digital world. In this urgent and provocative book, Rufus
Pollock shows that we must make a choice between making information Open,
shared by all, or making it Closed, exclusively owned and controlled, and
how today's Closed digital economy is the source of problems ranging from
growing inequality, to unaffordable medicines, to the power of a handful of
tech monopolies to control how we think and vote. Choosing Open is the path
to a more equitable, innovative and profitable future for all.

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