[Oa-italia] Google lancia un motore di ricerca per Data set

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Ven 7 Set 2018 08:49:18 CEST

Scusandomi per il cross posting, rilancio questa notizia apparsa sulla 
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Hi folks, some of you will have seen this already, but yesterday Google 
launched a new dataset search feature 
(Nature news article link).

You can give it a try yourself here: 

A few initial observations: - It's definitely harvesting metadata from 
DataCite and figshare; data.gov.uk and Kaggle are also in there, amongst 
other sources. I'd be interested to know their criteria for choosing 
sources and whether they can be persuaded to add to the list - It's 
doing its best to *only* show datasets: for example, figshare records of 
a type other than "Dataset" are not indexed - It's using a lot of the 
metadata available, including affiliations, authors, license, and 
presenting it in human readable form: get your metadata up to scratch! 
It will be interesting to see whether this can be used to show people 
how the completeness and accuracy of their metadata has a real-world 
impact on whether their data gets found and used or just ignored. Jez

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