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e' appena stata lanciata l'iniziativa Free our knowledge,
Si tratta di un invito al boicottaggio radicale del sistema riviste
scientifiche non-fair, in modo che perdano valore.
Non so quanto seguito possa avere in Italia data la scarsissima
consapevolezza dei temi in gioco, ma vale la pena diffondere/discuterne.

*How do we organise a mass transfer of support from commercially-owned
journals to ones that support open principles, without forcing academics to
choose between their values and their livelihoods?*

We believe the answer is to accrue a community of ‘anonymised’ academics
who pledge to boycott journals that don’t comply with a pre-specified set
of criteria <http://freeourknowledge.org/the-solution/>. The crux of this
idea is that those *pledges only become active when the academic community
has demonstrated a sufficient (pre-determined) *level of support
<http://freeourknowledge.org/measurement/>* for the movement*. Once this
threshold is reached (or even *before*, as per each academic wishes), the
community simply ‘flicks the switch’ and the pledges become live: we, as a
group, stop submitting papers, reviewing, or editing articles in
non-compliant journals, in preference of journals that support our
principles and criteria.

*Divided we fall, together we stand*

At this point, the community will be a unified force to be reckoned with.
Our actions will not only detract from the value of the boycotted journals,
but also bring bargaining power that can be used to nudge more favourable
journals in line with our criteria. If legacy publishers refuse to comply
(which is likely, given their motivation to protect shareholder returns),
the value in those journals (which has been cultivated by the academic
community over the past few decades) could still be retained by ‘flipping’
the journal to a fair open access model (e.g. as per the editorial board of
Elsevier-owned *Lingua*, who resigned to start *Glossa*). Moreover, the
community could then also work with other research-related institutions
(funding bodies, grant agencies) to help direct top-down pressure to bring
the publishing landscape (and associated practices, such as hiring or
granting funds) into line with the ideals of the community.
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