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Nella stessa serie di articoli pubblicati da EuroDoc per la OA week, c'Ŕ un
bellissimo contributo di Jason Schmidtt, regista di Paywall the movie, che
condivide il mio entusiasmo per PlanS:

I’ve never witnessed someone quit smoking a pack-a-day by doing so
gradually. In my mind, it is either all or nothing; exactly like ripping a
Band-Aid right off. In many ways, this is what excites me about the new ‘Plan
S <https://www.scienceeurope.org/coalition-s>’ to achieve full and
immediate OA by 2020 and this specific moment in time. Let’s quit
pontificating and get to action already. And just like a smoker needing to
throw out his or her cigarettes, let’s keep the old options off the table
so we don’t fall back on them due to habit.

e sulla comunicazione scientifica:
During all of these conversations, not one person referenced the current
publishing system, whose aim is to serve humanity and act as a catalyst for
our planet’s progress, as healthy, effective, or equitable

Jason Schmitt on For-Profit Publishing, Plan S, and Pulling the Band-Aid
Right Off

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