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Non mi sembra di aver visto girare la notizia in lista.

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Forwarding from the Scholcomm mailing list.


Dear all,

As I'm sure many of you are aware, recently around 1100 researchers from

around the world signed a complaint regarding Elsevier and their role in

the European Commission's Open Science Monitor.

Now, the Directorate-General of Research and Innovation, Jean-Eric Paquet,

has provided a full response, available online here:

https://zenodo.org/record/1443395#.W7Ta22j0lPZ (posted with permission).

There is also a version here that can be annotated using Hypothes.is:


At this stage, while much clarity has been provided into the process and

situation, there are still many apsects which remain unclear or unresolved.

Thus, I invite you all to participate in the ongoing discussion by

annotating the response, sharing with your colleagues, and contributing

your own views and comments. It might be the case that a follow up response

is required, depending on how satisfactory the community regards this





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