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Perché non provare una nuova forma di politica Open?

If groups of funders, such as cOAlition S <https://www.coalition-s.org/>,
coordinated their technical requirements as they have been coordinating
their individual mandates, the resulting infrastructure requirements would
include FAIR <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FAIR_data> principles, which
would lead to a decentralized, interoperable infrastructure
under the governance
of the scientific community. As this infrastructure is intended to replace
current subscription publishing with a platform that integrates our
text-based narratives with our data and code, it would be straightforward
for the funders to suggest that an obvious source of funds for the required
infrastructure would be subscriptions. as most scholarly articles are available
without subscriptions
anyway and implementing the infrastructure is much
on average, than subscriptions, the implementation should be possible
without disruption and with considerable cost reductions for the
institutions. If an institution considers their library to be the
traditional place where the output of scholars is curated, made accessible
and archived, then there would not even have to be a redirection of funds
from library subscriptions to different infrastructure units – the money
would stay within the libraries. But of course, institutions would in
principle remain free to source the funds any way they see fit.

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