[Oa-italia] Jon Tennant su Elsevier

Elena Giglia elena.giglia a unito.it
Mar 13 Nov 2018 07:40:37 CET

Jon Tennat ieri a Taipei ha lanciato la campagna  Unite4Education lanciando
un Report su come Elsevier stia "mettendo a rischio" il futuro della
ricerca (notate le due immagini molto significative...
[image: immagine.png]

It is difficult to argue against the positions that research knowledge
should be a public good, and can also be of incredible use in fighting
against some of the larger problems that face our planet and society, such
as energy, food and water security, climate change, and access to education.

In spite of this, most scholarly research still remains firmly in the hands
of a few private corporations, and is not being used in the best interests
of the public good.

A recent report on behalf of Education International (EI)
focused on this issue in the context of the practices of one of the largest
scholarly publishers, Elsevier.

Their primary business model is based on exclusion and knowledge
discrimination, to the detriment of all but the wealthiest or most
academically privileged members of society. They are now becoming
increasingly powerful in the political domain, while simultaneously
commercialising many critical components of research infrastructure.

They are also infamous in consistently gaining profit margins in the region
of 37%, much acquired from public expenditures, and also for vigorously
fighting against progress in the global Open Science movement.

One consequence of the control that Elsevier has in the scholarly
communication ecosystem, in particular through research evaluation
processes, is the constraints on academic freedoms, especially over choice
of publication venue.

As a direct impact of the ongoing ‘publish or perish’ culture, something
perpetuated by Elsevier as well as research institutes, academics
themselves, and research funders, academic working conditions have become
competitively unhealthy.

Researchers now typically engage in a range of ‘questionable research
practices’ in the hunt for the glory of publication, with such conditions
leading to mental health issues in a higher proportion than any other

Elsevier are placing the future of scholarly research at risk

Credo sia evidente la distanza siderale fra la consapevolezza che c'è sui
meccanismi distorti del mercato della comunicazione scientifica e della
valutazione che produce mostri  fuori Italia e da noi: basta leggere la
pagina di CRUI-CARE in cui tuttora si inneggia alla firma del contratto
quinquennale con Elsevier per " *L’accesso alla ricerca scientifica di
qualità * " [hanno mai letto Retraction Watch?] che prevede un pilota APC
che di fatto istituzionalizza il double dipping: " CRUI ed Elsevier hanno
anche avviato un progetto pilota che incoraggia i ricercatori italiani a
pubblicare i propri articoli scientifici in open access, a sostegno delle
ambizioni di accesso aperto della CRUI"

Siamo proprio fuori dal mondo.
Cari saluti

dr. Elena Giglia
Unità di progetto Open Access
Direzione Ricerca e Terza Missione
Universita' degli Studi di Torino
tel. +39.011.670*.4191*
Skype: egiglia

*NOAD OpenAIRE Italy*
noad-it a openaire.eu
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