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Elena Giglia elena.giglia a unito.it
Lun 28 Maggio 2018 09:07:10 CEST

in questi giorni e' stato lanciato il tema della Open Access week 2018, che
“Designing Equitable Foundations for Open Knowledge”
Credo che il tema sia cruciale: non e' solo questione di deals piu' o meno
big o offset, si tratta di ripensare nel profondo la comunicazione
As open becomes the default, all stakeholders must be intentional about
designing these new, open systems to ensure that they are inclusive,
equitable, and truly serve the needs of a diverse global community.

Setting the default to open is an essential step toward making our system
for producing and distributing knowledge more inclusive, but it also comes
with new challenges to be addressed. How do we ensure sustainability models
used for open access are not exclusionary? What are inequities that open
systems can recreate or reinforce? Whose voices are prioritized? Who is
excluded? How does what counts as scholarship perpetuate bias? What are
areas where openness might not be appropriate?

These are not questions with easy answers. Rather, they are prompts for
ongoing conversations that can help ensure that the foundation for a more
equitable system of open research and scholarship is created thoughtfully
and collaboratively. This year’s theme highlights the importance of asking
the tough questions, staying critical, and actively engaging in an ongoing
conversation to learn from diverse perspectives about how to make
scholarship more equitable and inclusive as it becomes more open.
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Buona giornata

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