[Oa-italia] Il consorzio svedese BIBSAM cancella l'accordo con Elsevier

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> Il giorno 16 mag 2018, alle ore 10:07, Maria Chiara Pievatolo <mariachiara.pievatolo a unipi.it> ha scritto:
>> On 16-05-2018 09:47, Andrea Capaccioni wrote:
>> Pu˛ un'universitÓ, o un consorzio di atenei, fare a meno dell'accesso alla
>> letteratura specializzata? Quali alternative sono state proposte? Se ci
>> aiutiamo a rispondere a queste domande forse rusciamo a tirare fuori
>> qualche idea sostenibile anche per il nostro Paese.
> L'esperienza tedesca offre una risposta:
> https://www.timeshighereducation.com/news/will-other-countries-follow-germany-battle-elsevier
> During negotiations between Deal and Elsevier, which have stalled for more than a year over disagreements on pricing, open access and how costs should be calculated, German universities have let their individual contracts lapse as they seek a collective, national deal.
> But at the beginning of both 2017 and 2018, the publisher has either not cut access or has rapidly restored it after doing so.
> It is thought that internal estimates put the sum saved in 2017 at about €10 million, with the figure for 2018 likely to be even higher as ever more contracts end.
> Asked why he thought the publisher had not cut the country off, Dr Mittermaier said: “*It’s hard for them [Elsevier] to keep up their self-image of being supportive to science when they cut off access.*”
> In addition, *“they fear that it [the German research system] works without access”, he added. German institutions say that they have long prepared for a loss of access, with an extensive system of interlibrary loans on standby.*
> By demonstrating an unwillingness to sever access for a second time at the beginning of this year, Elsevier’s *“bargaining position has dramatically decreased in the last months”,* Dr Mittermaier added.
> Qualche volta, come ha scritto il professor Guerrini, bisogna avere il coraggio di andare a vedere le carte.
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