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... e non posso fare a meno di copiare il commento di Peter Murray-Rust su

Libraries will have to decide whether they're for reseachers or for
publishers; they cannot continue as they are, talk but no fight

2018-03-29 15:34 GMT+02:00 Elena Giglia <elena.giglia a unito.it>:

> ... scusate, ma questa era troppo bella...
> Vi copio i tweets di Mike Taylor che riprendono passaggi di Martin
> Gr÷tschel,  fra l'altro membro del team di negoziazione DEAL, ad APE 2018
> (fiera editori) https://www.ape2018.eu/
> Sei minuti di lucidissimo discorso su monopolio, implicazioni economiche,
> aviditÓ, profitti "grotteschi" e... pretese di essere i "buoni Samaritani"
> della scienza.
> https://youtu.be/dGAXTEnqBew
> Da sentire!
> eg
> The opening remarks by the hosts of conferences are usually highly
> forgettable, a courtesy platform offered to a high-ranking academic who has
> nothing to say about the conference's subject. NOT THIS TIME!
> <https://twitter.com/MikeTaylor/status/978912940035313665>
> These are the opening remarks of Martin Gr÷tschel, who as well as being
> president of the host institution, the Berlin Brandenburg Academy of
> Sciences and Humanities, is a 25-year veteran of #*OpenAccess*
> <https://twitter.com/hashtag/OpenAccess?src=hash> campaigning. and a
> member of the German DEAL negotiating team. Read on…
> <https://twitter.com/MikeTaylor/status/978913546133229568>
> 1m50s: "I have always been aware of the significant imbalance and the
> fundamental divisions of the academic publication market. Being in the DEAL
> negotiation team, this became even more apparent ..."
> <https://twitter.com/MikeTaylor/status/978913951135207424>
> 2m04s: "On the side of the scientists there is an atomistic market where,
> up to now and unfortunately, many of the actors play without having any
> clue about the economic consequences of their activities."
> <https://twitter.com/MikeTaylor/status/978914496004706304>
> 2m22s: "In Germany and a few other countries where buyer alliances have
> been organised, they are, as expected, immediately accused of forming
> monopolies and they are taken to court — fortunately, without success, and
> with the result of strengthening the alliances."
> <https://twitter.com/MikeTaylor/status/978915000470339584>
> 2m38s: "On the publishers' side there is a very small number of huge
> publication enterprises with very smart marketing people. They totally
> dominate the market, produce grotesque profits, and amazingly manage to
> pretend to be the Good Samaritans of the sciences."
> <https://twitter.com/MikeTaylor/status/978915525018480640>
> 2m27s: "And there are the tiny [publishers ...] tentatively observed by
> many delegates of the big players, who are letting them play the game,
> ready to swallow them if an opportunity comes up." (Predatory Publishers,
> anyone? -- Ed.)
> <https://twitter.com/MikeTaylor/status/978916265166344192>
> 3m18s: "When you, the small publishers, discuss with the representatives
> of the big guys, these are most likely very friendly to you. But […] when
> it comes to discussing system changes, when the arguments get tight, the
> smiles disappear and the greed begins to gleam."
> <https://twitter.com/MikeTaylor/status/978916810304245760>
> 3m42s: "You will hear in words, and not implicitly, that the small
> academic publishers are considered to be just round-off errors, tolerated
> for another while, irrelevant for the world-wide scientific publishing
> market, and having no influence at all."
> <https://twitter.com/MikeTaylor/status/978917323905093632>
> 4m00s: "One big publisher stated: if your country stops subscribing to our
> journals, science in your country will be set back significantly. I
> responded […] it is interesting to hear such a threat from a producer of
> envelopes who does not have any idea of the contents."
> <https://twitter.com/MikeTaylor/status/978918001599746048>
> 4m39s: "Will the small publishers side with the intentions of the
> scholars? Or will you try to copy the move towards becoming a packaging
> industry that exploits the volunteer work of scientists and results
> financed by public funding?"
> <https://twitter.com/MikeTaylor/status/978918717760397312>
> 5m55: "I do know, though, that the major publishers are verbally agreeing
> [to low-cost Gold #*OpenAccess*
> <https://twitter.com/hashtag/OpenAccess?src=hash>] , but not acting in
> this direction all, simply to maintain their huge profit margins."
> <https://twitter.com/MikeTaylor/status/978919059738845184>
> 6m06s: "In a market economy, no-one can argue against profit maximisation
> [of barrier-based scholarly publishers]. But one is also allowed to act
> against it. The danger may be really disruptive, instead of smooth moves in
> the development of the academic publishing market."
> <https://twitter.com/MikeTaylor>
> Finally at 6:42: "You may not have enjoyed my somewhat unusual words of
> welcome, but I do hope that you enjoy this year's APE [Academic Publishing
> in Europe] conference."
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