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... scusate, ma questa era troppo bella...

Vi copio i tweets di Mike Taylor che riprendono passaggi di Martin
Gr÷tschel,  fra l'altro membro del team di negoziazione DEAL, ad APE 2018
(fiera editori) https://www.ape2018.eu/
Sei minuti di lucidissimo discorso su monopolio, implicazioni economiche,
aviditÓ, profitti "grotteschi" e... pretese di essere i "buoni Samaritani"
della scienza.

Da sentire!

The opening remarks by the hosts of conferences are usually highly
forgettable, a courtesy platform offered to a high-ranking academic who has
nothing to say about the conference's subject. NOT THIS TIME!

These are the opening remarks of Martin Gr÷tschel, who as well as being
president of the host institution, the Berlin Brandenburg Academy of
Sciences and Humanities, is a 25-year veteran of #*OpenAccess*
<https://twitter.com/hashtag/OpenAccess?src=hash> campaigning. and a member
of the German DEAL negotiating team. Read on…

1m50s: "I have always been aware of the significant imbalance and the
fundamental divisions of the academic publication market. Being in the DEAL
negotiation team, this became even more apparent ..."

2m04s: "On the side of the scientists there is an atomistic market where,
up to now and unfortunately, many of the actors play without having any
clue about the economic consequences of their activities."

2m22s: "In Germany and a few other countries where buyer alliances have
been organised, they are, as expected, immediately accused of forming
monopolies and they are taken to court — fortunately, without success, and
with the result of strengthening the alliances."

2m38s: "On the publishers' side there is a very small number of huge
publication enterprises with very smart marketing people. They totally
dominate the market, produce grotesque profits, and amazingly manage to
pretend to be the Good Samaritans of the sciences."

2m27s: "And there are the tiny [publishers ...] tentatively observed by
many delegates of the big players, who are letting them play the game,
ready to swallow them if an opportunity comes up." (Predatory Publishers,
anyone? -- Ed.)

3m18s: "When you, the small publishers, discuss with the representatives of
the big guys, these are most likely very friendly to you. But […] when it
comes to discussing system changes, when the arguments get tight, the
smiles disappear and the greed begins to gleam."

3m42s: "You will hear in words, and not implicitly, that the small academic
publishers are considered to be just round-off errors, tolerated for
another while, irrelevant for the world-wide scientific publishing market,
and having no influence at all."

4m00s: "One big publisher stated: if your country stops subscribing to our
journals, science in your country will be set back significantly. I
responded […] it is interesting to hear such a threat from a producer of
envelopes who does not have any idea of the contents."

4m39s: "Will the small publishers side with the intentions of the scholars?
Or will you try to copy the move towards becoming a packaging industry that
exploits the volunteer work of scientists and results financed by public

5m55: "I do know, though, that the major publishers are verbally agreeing
[to low-cost Gold #*OpenAccess*
<https://twitter.com/hashtag/OpenAccess?src=hash>] , but not acting in this
direction all, simply to maintain their huge profit margins."

6m06s: "In a market economy, no-one can argue against profit maximisation
[of barrier-based scholarly publishers]. But one is also allowed to act
against it. The danger may be really disruptive, instead of smooth moves in
the development of the academic publishing market."

Finally at 6:42: "You may not have enjoyed my somewhat unusual words of
welcome, but I do hope that you enjoy this year's APE [Academic Publishing
in Europe] conference."

dr. Elena Giglia
UnitÓ di progetto Open Access
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