[Oa-italia] Consultazione pubblica sul FAIR Data Action Plan e interim report

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Mar 17 Lug 2018 08:24:27 CEST

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Last month at the second EOSC Summit in Brussels, the European Commission’s Expert Group on FAIR Data published an interim report and action plan on Turning FAIR data into reality. The Open Science agenda contains the ambition to make FAIR data sharing the default for scientific research by 2020. The overall objective of the Expert Group is to help operationalise and facilitate the achievement of this goal.

The interim report and action plan are open for comment in a stakeholder consultation being run until 5 August 2018. A commentable version of the report is available on Google Drive.  Structured comments on the Action Plan and specific recommendations and actions may be made via a dedicated GitHub repository.

Comment on Report:http://bit.ly/interim_FAIR_report
Comment on Action Plan:https://github.com/FAIR-Data-EG/action-plan

We encourage you to respond to the individual recommendations, adding reactions to indicate whether you agree or disagree, and comments to suggest amendments. Does the Action Plan highlight the correct priorities? Are the recommendations sound and the actions tangible and achievable? Are they presented in a way that will helpfully guide the stakeholders mentioned?

The wider report is also open to comment. We welcome feedback on whether the Action Plan is sufficiently grounded in the discussions and arguments, and notification of any debates that are missing or need corrections.

Further information and links are available on the CODATA blog:https://codata.org/blog/2018/06/14/turning-fair-data-into-reality-report-and-action-plan-consultation-until-5-august

A parallel consultation on the EOSC HLEG interim report and Rules of Participation is also underway, see:https://eoscpilot.eu/open-consultation

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