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Credo che dovremmo incominciare anche noi a discutere della necessitÓ di 
rendere trasparenti i contratti siglati con i grandi editori, anche se 
qui si parla di OA Big Deal, modello che da noi - al momento - non Ŕ 
stato ancora usato.

Domando a chi pi¨ esperto di me se vi siano particolati limiti 
legislativi a impedirlo o se tutto rientri nell'ambito del rapporto tra 
privati e quindi rivedibile tramite negoziazione tra le parti. In tal 
caso, non potremmo utilizzare a nostro vantaggio i precedenti che si 
stanno creando nel resto dell'Europa?

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Over three months ago (in March) the Association of Universities in the 
Netherlands (VSNU) published a very brief news item announcing that it 
had reached agreement with Springer Nature on a new OA Big Deal.

Curious as to the details of the agreement, I invited VSNU to answer 
some questions, both about the Springer Nature deal and VSNU’s failure 
to reach agreement with the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), concerning 
which another short news item had been published at the same time. 
VSNU’s Spokesperson and Advisor Public Affairs Bart Pierik agree to 
answer my questions.

When I sent my list of questions to him, however, Pierik appeared to 
change his mind. “Considering the fact that we are finalising some more 
deals with publishers at this moment (we just published good news about 
Oxford University Press) my proposal is that we would be glad to make 
one Q&A in April about all of these deals,” he emailed me.

I was disappointed but decided instead to write something more 
wide-ranging about the growing number of OA Big Deals we can see being 
agreed between legacy publishers and the research community and to 
mention VSNU in that larger piece.

I concluded that article by again inviting VSNU to answer my questions, 
adding, “By doing so they can help shine a light on this somewhat 
crepuscular corner of scholarly communication and demonstrate that 
affordability and transparency are just as important as accessibility.”

April came and went, and I assumed my questions had fallen into a black 
hole somewhere never to be seen again.

To my surprise, however, yesterday I received an email from Wilma Van 
Wezenbeek, Programme Manager Open Access at VSNU.

Not only did Van Wezenbeek attach answers to my questions but she 
informed me that VSNU has now published the contracts it has signed with 
both Springer Nature and Taylor & Francis (although Springer Nature has 
not permitted VSNU to disclose their general terms and conditions).

The email and the Q&A can both be read here:


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