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Elena Giglia elena.giglia a unito.it
Mar 3 Lug 2018 19:31:51 CEST

Ecco la risposta di Jon Tennant alla replica di Elsevier all'articolo
segnalato ieri.
Elsevier serves the global research community to deliver open science?
Jon smonta frase per frase la replica di Elsevier.
Copio solo la parte relativa all'Open Science per darvi un'idea.

*Elsevier embraces the principles of open science. *

*Not really, it embraces its own version of open science, and simply
asserting that they do does not make it so. Their track record in this
regard is mixed at best, so that it might continue to enjoy its **large
profit margins*
something well within its right as a company, but disingenuous to pretend
it is about embracing open science. Indeed, a recent **independent report*
<https://openscience.fi/opening-academic-publishing>* found that Elsevier
scores quite low in their openness assessment. I would love to hear how
Elsevier is a supporter of fairness, equality, rigour, transparency (in
pricing, for one), open source, zero-length embargoes, open data,
transparent research assessment, open licensing (CC BY or CC-0), and **open
(or even just some of these).*

*At a more fundamental point, you have provided information that leads us
to conclude that around 94% of Elsevier’s annual article output is still
paywalled content (see your comments, addressed further below). By
preventing access to research, Elsevier actively inhibits the use of useful
knowledge and tools that teachers, citizens, education unions, researchers,
policymakers, and other potential users require in order to meet the
everyday challenges of education systems, and our wider societies.
Elsevier’s business model of knowledge commodification undermines the basic
principle that all people have an equal right of access to knowledge and
education, irrespective of their background or status, but also explicitly
discriminates against the financially underprivileged. I would welcome a
discussion on how this demonstrates Elsevier’s alignment with the
principles of open science. *

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