[Oa-italia] Report da Berlino della Rettrice dell'UniversitÓ di Stoccolma

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Mar 11 Dic 2018 10:10:53 CET

Molto chiaro e incisivo, grazie Elena!
Aggiungo qui sotto anche una parte relativa all'importanza della
comunicazione e in particolare riguardo al PlanS, a volte osteggiato senza
comprenderne veramente gli obiettivi e la portata:
"It was only now that many realised – and also pointed out with the
greatest clarity– that Plan S was in no way intended to restrict
researchers’ publication opportunities, but rather that it was intended
solely to exert pressure on the publishers to comply with the needs of
researchers, in order to achieve the overall and universally common goal,
i.e. open access to scientific publications. This is absolutely essential
if we are to achieve our shared objective."


Il giorno mar 11 dic 2018, 09:30 Elena Giglia <elena.giglia a unito.it> ha

> Buongiorno
> segnalo per la sua perfetta sintesi e la vis polemica il report da
> Berlin14 della Rettrice dell'UniversitÓ di Stoccolma, Astrid Soderbergh
> Widding, che era a capo del team negoaziale che ha stracciato in faccia a
> Elsevier lo stesso identico ocntratto sottoscritto in Italia per 5 anni
> https://www.su.se/english/vice-chancellors-blog/open-access-2020-a-new-global-direction-1.416578
> Sul sito di OA2020 sono state pubblicate le presentazioni e altri report
> dal convegno.
> https://oa2020.org/b14-conference/
> Alcuni stralci da Widding:
> The headline for the conference was “Aligning strategies to enable Open
> Access” – and this was also the overall topic for the discussions, the
> results of which were even clearer than expected by those attending. Open
> Access is now a matter of some urgency for the entire research community,
> which is accordingly also crossing thresholds, both in terms of subject and
> geographically, across all continents, but also across different
> initiatives for promoting Open Access. The key point now is to promote
> “transformative agreements” based on the “read and publish” principle, i.e.
> agreements that speed up the transition to open access.
> Today, we are united globally as never before behind a number of central
> points. Amongst them is that we all agree that authors should retain their
> copyright rights, that we all agree on the principle of complete and
> immediate open access, and that we all agree on the need to accelerate the
> process, by means of forward-looking, transformative and cost-neutral
> agreements that are temporary and transitional in nature, but which are
> clearly intended to speed up the transition to full open access over the
> next few years. The strong consensus on these points was clear as never
> before – and possibly surprising for some.
> cari saluti
> eg
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