[Oa-italia] Report: Toward a Competive and Sustainable OA Market in Euroe- A study of the Open Access Market an Policy environment

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In October 2016, Research Consulting 
<http://www.research-consulting.com/>, within the scope of the OpenAIRE 
Work Package dealing with the FP7 Post Grant Open Access Pilot 
<https://postgrantoapilot.openaire.eu> (WP5) – lead by LIBER 
<http://libereurope.eu>– was commissioned by OpenAIRE on behalf of the 
European Commission to undertake an economic analysis study of the Open 
Access publishing market: *“Towards a Competitive and Sustainable OA 
Market in Europe – A Study of the Open Access Market and Policy 

The report (pdf) 
<https://blogs.openaire.eu/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/OA-market-report-28Final-13-March-201729-1.pdf> is 
accompanied by an Annex (pdf) 
<https://blogs.openaire.eu/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Annex-OpenAIRE-Pilot-28Final29-3.pdf> which 
contains the mid-term evaluation of the FP7 Post-Grant Open Access Pilot 
<https://postgrantoapilot.openaire.eu/#home>, organised by OpenAIRE. 
This annex will be discussed in detail in the reporting phase of the 
pilot, which ends on April 30th, 2017.

Building on the findings of the EC FP7 Post-Grant Open Access Pilot 
<https://www.openaire.eu/postgrantoapilot>, the findings form the 
starting point for a roadmap towards a more sustainable and competitive 

It will be accompanied in its final form by a Roadmap document, 
developed with input from an expert workshop to be organised by LIBER 
<http://libereurope.eu> in The Hague, on 20 April 2017. *Registrations 
for this workshop are still open 

With the final report published this week, we discussed some of its key 
findings with *Rob Johnson*, director of Research Consulting and the 
lead author of the report.

    *Key highlights of the report*

Rob Johnson: “We took the EU Council’s goal 
of achieving immediate open access as the default by 2020 as the 
starting point for our work. One unavoidable conclusion is that even 
getting close to this target will be very, very difficult. The 
proportion of immediate open access content has been growing by about 
15% per annum, but it still only accounts for about 5% of the global 
market for academic journals.

Some parts of Europe are ahead of the global average, of course, but 
only by a small margin. There are big disciplinary variations, though, 
and the situation looks significantly better in areas where research 
funders have issued firm mandates in the public interest (e.g. life 
sciences and medicine)….

We also aren’t including green open access in these figures. This is a 
really important means of increasing access, but as content is usually 
subject to embargo periods of 6 or 12 months, green OA doesn’t directly 
address the goal of immediate OA as the default.

Overall, we found that there is a growing market for OA content, but it 
largely operates alongside the dominant subscription model. What we are 
not seeing is transformative change in the existing market, with only a 
few cases of journals successfully ‘flipping’ from subscription-based to 
OA business models, for example. From an economic perspective, OA 
journals operate in a smaller, more competitive market, but the 
subscription market remains characterised by inelastic demand, and 
dominated by large commercial publishers.

    Our report makes clear that we are going to *need much more
    ambitious actions at a policy level if the EU’s goal of immediate OA
    by default is to be delivered.*“

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