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Vi segnalo il report dell'esperimento di open peer review condotto da Open
Open peer review: from an experiment to a model.
*Abstract* : This article narrates the development of the experimentation
of an open peer review and open commentary protocols. This experiment
concerns propositions of articles for the environmental sciences journal
VertigO, digital and open access scientific publication. This experiment
did not last long enough (4 months) and was not deployed on a large enough
corpus (10 preprints) to lead to firm quantitative conclusions. However, it
highlights practical leads and thoughts about the potentialities and the
limitations of the open review processes – in the broadest sense – for
scientific publishing. Based on the exemplary of the experiment and a
participant observation as a copy-editor devoted to open peer review, the
article finally proposes a model from the experimented prototype. This
model, named OPRISM, could be implemented on other publishing contexts for
social sciences and humanities. Central and much debated activity in the
academic world, peer review refers to different practices such as control,
validation, allocation and contradiction exercised by the scientific
community for itself. Its scope is wide: from the allocation for funding to
the relevance of a recruitment. According to common sense, the control of
the scientific community by itself is a guarantee of scientific quality.
This issue became even more important in an international context of
competition between universities and between scholars themselves


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