[Oa-italia] Eventi OA in Italia- settimana 9-12 giugno

Paola Gargiulo p.gargiulo a cineca.it
Lun 8 Giu 2015 17:30:38 CEST

Ci sono diverse iniziative questa settimana in Italia dedicata all'OA:

* 9-11 giugno *- Villa Vigoni- Loveno di Menaggio (Como) 2015 DARIAH-IT  
International Summer School*
Models for Open Access Publishing  (vedi sotto programma- Iscrizioni 
chiuse il 15 maggio)
**Mercoledi' 10 giugno Roma**- Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale* *ore 9:30* 
Taylor & Francis Road Show dedicato al tema " Future of librarianship"
Ezio Tarantino parlerà di /Open Access: opportunità. sfide, minacce: 
quale ruolo per le biblioteche?/
E' richiesta l'iscrizione

*Giovedi' 11 giugno -  ore 14:30- 16.00 Webinar Policy OA di ateneo: 
esperienze a confronto*- organizzato da Cineca in collaborazione con 
AISA Onlus. Partecipazione degli atenei: Torino, Milano, Trento e Trieste
Obbligatoria l'iscrizione entro domani entro le 23.59 di domani 9 giugno

Cordiali saluti,
DARIAH-IT  International Summer School

The summer school brings together three strains of partnership. 1. 
Economist, lawyer expert in copyright. 2. graphic designer, researcher 
and innovative publisher 3. Expert in elearning, museology and archival 
sciences. Coordinators of the DARIAH ERIC network will lead the 
discussion. 20 invited speakers and maximum 20 participants that shall 
answer a call for posters. All speakers will be asked to deliver 20 
minutes presentations in order to leave just as much time for extensive 
discussions with the summer school participants, which will be asked to 
prepare 8 minutes poster presentations.
Three main topics will be addressed:
1. The interaction between public and private infrastructures. Blind 
conflicts or equivocations about the specific functions of public 
institution and private enterprises may end in waste of energies and 
loss of knowledge. It is urgent to imagine new economic models for the 
great variety of digital publishing in order to secure critical mass for 
an economy of scale and sustainability. This may tackle the problem of 
harmonizing open access and copyright policies. Cooperation of 
researchers, federation of different institutions but also modularity of 
the digital tools and data standardization seems natural requirements 
for such a model.

2. New criteria for evaluating progress in Digital Humanities 
publishing. With the increase in quantity of information in the digital 
world, scientific infrastructures are confronted with the need of first 
to validate tools and content, and, second to make easily recognizable 
the validated products. The latter requires rethinking a structured 
large-scale communication strategy that asks for synergies with graphic 
designer, researcher and innovative publisher.

3. The starting point for shaping the future of the book cannot be but 
bottom up, thus the only common thread that can be followed are the 
needs of the researcher and of the common users. Thus a landscape 
analysis of DH Impact outreach and knowledge exchange is an absolute 
As regards open access: building on existing open access resources, 
extending open access to secondary literature and creating new open 
access resources, and exploring different ways of enhancing these open 
access resources through a series of experiments relating to: new models 
of open peer review; semantic linking; advanced scholarly linking; 
linked open data; open access business models. The summer school will 
provide librarians, experts in open access, archivists, linguists, 
jurists, editors, and publishers with a chance for looking closely to 
the existent open access strategies and exchange ideas on future 

Immacolata Amodeo (Secretary General Villa Vigoni)
Andrea Angiolini (Publisher, il Mulino)
Tobias Blanke (Historian, King’s College London) DARIAH
Fabio Ciotti (President of AIUCD) DARIAH
Marin Dacos (OpenEdition Centre for Open Electronic Publishing)
Emiliano Degl'Innocenti (Digital Humanist, SISMEL, FEF) DARIAH
Roberto Delle Donne (Open Access expert, Università Federico II Napoli)
Melanie Dulong de Rosnay (Digital Humanities, Institute for 
Communication Sciences)
Jean-Claude Guédon (Social Sciences, Université de Montreal)
Paolo Galluzzi (History of Science, Director Museo Galileo) DARIAH
Hansmichael Hohenegger (Historian of Philosophy, ILIESI-CNR) DARIAH
Francesco Leonetti (Publisher, webdesigner)
Riccardo Pozzo (DSU-CNR) DARIAH
Laurent Romary (Centre Marc Bloch & INRIA) DARIAH
Gino Roncaglia (Book History, Università della Tuscia)
Christof Schöch (Digital Humanities, Universität Würzburg)
Christopher Smith (History, Director British School of Rome)
Giovanni Solimine (Librarian, Sapienza Università di Roma)
Bob Stein (Director of the Institute for the Future of the Book)
Dirk Wintergrün (Historian of Science, MPIWG) DARIAH

Paola Gargiulo
International Business Development Unit
IT Solutions for Institutional Research
Via R. Sanzio 4, I-20090 Segrate MI, Italy
email:p.gargiulo a cineca.it
phone +39 02 26995-218
mobile + 39 328 9507 128
skype paolafoca

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