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giro questo messaggio di Stevan Harnad - che condivido in pieno - perche'
credo serva come utile riflessione anche riguardo le nostre politiche di
Ateneo, approvate e future.
Buona giornata
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On Tue, Feb 10, 2015 at 12:43 PM, Rick Anderson <rick.anderson a utah.edu>

>   Given that HEFCE continues to allow CC BY NC ND licensing, can its
> policy really be called Open Access?

"Open Access" (OA) is not synonymous with CC-BY, and never was.

There is Gratis OA (free online access) and Libre OA (free online access +
re-use rights)

And the re-use rights can range over all the CC licenses, all the way up to

Gratis OA is urgently needed (and vastly overdue) in all fields.

Gratis OA is also the easiest to provide, because it faces far fewer rights
restrictions from publishers.

Libre OA is urgently needed in only a few fields (and not as urgently as
those same fields need Gratis OA).

(Libre OA would also be beneficial, but not urgent, in many other fields.)

But Libre OA is much harder to provide, because it faces far more
restrictions from publishers.

Hence the rational and practical policy is to mandate Gratis OA first.

Once Gratis OA has prevailed globally, as much Libre OA as users need and
authors wish to provide will not be far behind.

*But not if policy-makers foolishly try to mandate Libre OA first, instead
of Gratis OA.*

Gratis OA already faces publisher OA embargoes.

But the Liege/HEFCE immediate-deposit mandate plus the repositories'
copy-request Button is immune to publisher OA embargoes and can provide the
access that research and researchers need most, and most urgently.

This is not yet 100% Gratis OA, but once immediate-deposit plus the Button
prevail globally, Gratis OA (and then Libre OA) will not be far behind.

The only way researchers can provide immediate Libre OA now is if they pay
for Gold OA.

This is exactly why publishers are trying to embargo Green Gratis OA: to
force authors to pay for Libre Gold OA.

*And this is exactly why Green Gratis OA must be globally mandated first.*

 Stevan Harnad

dr. Elena Giglia
Responsabile Ufficio Open Access - Editoria Elettronica
Direzione Sviluppo Organizzativo, Innovazione e Servizi Bibliotecari
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