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Cari colleghi,
alcuni di voi che partecipano da diversi anni al movimento dell'accesso 
aperto ricorderanno Fred Friend per l'impegno profuso sin dalla Budapest 
Initiative fino ad oggi. Purtroppo Fred Ť venuto a mancare la settimana 
Chi ha avuto l'occasione di conoscerlo personalmente, ha potuto 
apprezzare la sua adesione convinta e motivata all'accesso aperto, 
accompagnata da una  gentilezza d'animo e da una squisita cortesia che 
gli ha permesso negli anni di interloquire con tutti, editori compresi, 
in  modo pacato, ma fermo.
Fred era  conosciuto nel mondo dei consorzi delle biblioteche per le 
acquisizioni delle risorse elettroniche,anche  in questo contesto ha 
avuto un ruolo attivo anche nella fondazione dell'ICOLC ( International 
Coalition of Library Consortia).
Fred ha dato il suo contributo anche al nascere del movimento in Italia, 
ha partecipato con suoi interventi sia alla Dichiarazione di Messina, 
poi  a Padova per Berlin 5, poi successivamente Ť tornato a Roma 
invitato dalla Sapienza per una giornata dell'OA.
Vorrei esprimere  a mio nome e a nome della comunitŗ OA il nostro 
rammarico per questa perdita, la nostra gratitudine per aver incontrato 
nel nostro cammino una persona come Fred.
Chi l'ha conosciuto o ha letto i suoi lavori e  vuole mandare un breve 
ricordo alla famiglia Ť invitto scrivere ad Alma Swan o a Paul Ayris.

PS accludo i messaggi di Alma Swan

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Oggetto: 	[GOAL] Fred Friend
Data: 	Mon, 28 Apr 2014 07:23:19 +0100
Mittente: 	Alma Swan <a.swan a talk21.com>
Rispondi-a: 	Global Open Access List (Successor of AmSci) 
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Fred Friend A message from Alma Swan (_a.swan a talk21.com_) and Paul 
Ayris (_p.ayris a ucl.ac.uk_):


It is with great sadness that we have to tell you of the death last week 
of Fred Friend.

Fred was one of the staunchest supporters of Open Access and worked to 
further its aims for almost two decades. Early in that period he was, of 
course, Librarian at University College London, a position that gave him 
influence and the means to push arguments for openness that were at the 
time new and considered rather heretical. After retirement from that 
post Fred served for many years as a consultant to JISC, advising and 
carrying out research work for JISC on scholarly communications. He was 
in his element in this role as it gave him the opportunities he needed 
to continue making the arguments for Open Access and to develop 
practical initiatives that helped to advance the cause. Latterly, Fred 
pursued his aims through continuing consultancy jobs and indeed at the 
time of his death he was embarking on an ambitious analysis of OA policies.

We have lost a very good friend of Open Access and a great humanitarian. 
For many there will also be the feeling of losing a kind and loyal 
personal friend.

His daughter, Cate, said to us, "It means so much to hear about his 
professional life - he was so private and so humble that he never really 
talked about what he did (I used to joke with him and tell him that I 
told everyone that he was a spy!)." We would like the OA community -- 
Fred's friends -- to let Cate and the rest of Fred's family know about 
the work Fred did and the great colleague that he was, so we are going 
to collect tributes to Fred and his work and will put these together 
into a book for his family.

If you have something to say, please email your words to one of us, 
including your job title where relevant to give some context to your 
comments for the family. Thank you in advance for your contributions.

For those who can attend the funeral, the ceremony will be held at 
12.30pm on Thursday 1st May at St Michael and All Angels, Hughenden, 
near High Wycombe in the UK. The family will welcome anyone who can be 
with them on that occasion.

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Oggetto: 	[Icolc] Personal recollections on the death of Fred Friend 
(former director, UCL library & open access advocate)
Data: 	Mon, 28 Apr 2014 09:17:30 -0400
Mittente: 	Arnold Hirshon <axh374 a case.edu>
Rispondi-a: 	ICOLC Confidential List <icolc a lyralists.lyrasis.org>
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Ordinarily I would not contribute to a listserv thread about a 
colleague, but would rather send along my remembrances directly to 
individual family members or colleagues.¬  However, in the case of Fred 
Friend I would like to make an exception for a very special reason.¬


In an 2002 article I wrote for the /Journal of Library Consortia/ 
entitled ‚EURoeInternational Library Consortia:

Positive Starts, Promising Futures‚EUR? I recalled the early history of 
what would become ICOLC.¬  Many on this list are probably unaware of the 
history, but it stems from a meeting held in 1997.¬  A Dutch-German 
statement on joint licensing principles and guidelines.¬  This statement 
led to the development of a North American statement.¬  That fall, I was 
scheduled to be on business in Amsterdam, and I contacted the authors of 
the Dutch-German statement to see if there would be some interest in 
developing a single statement that could be endorsed by

both the North American and Dutch groups. At that meeting, there were 
not only representatives from the Dutch community (Hans Gelijnse and 
John Gilbert) and from Germany (Elmar Mittler), but also Fred Friend 
from the United Kingdom. ¬ As I wrote in 2002, ‚EURoeOut of that meeting 
grew not only the agreement upon a single statement, but also a more 
profound longer-term agreement: to turn the nascent COC into an 
international organization. After much debate, all parties settled upon 
a new name: the International Coalition of Library Consortia 
(ICOLC).‚EUR?¬  What I did not say in the article is that it was Fred 
who was the first one to ask whether the North American group might be 
willing to become an international consortium.¬  Fred was not just 
‚EURoea‚EUR? founding father of ICOLC, he was the ‚EURoefather of the 
idea‚EUR? to internationalize ICOLC.


Fred was not only present at the creation of ICOLC, he was an 
instrumental part of its later success.¬  It was not by accident that 
the first ICOLC meeting outside of North America was held in the UK, and 
Fred was an instrumental element of that first meeting.¬  Fred regularly 
attended ICOLC meetings and was an ardent contributor to this liserv.¬  
Speaking personally, from the time of that first time I met Fred at the 
meeting in The Hague grew a great respect and friendship.¬ Fred was a 
tireless and articulate advocate, a gentleman in every respect, and a 
witty and wonderful colleague.¬  ICOLC owes to Fred for his efforts to 
get ICOLC off the ground, and his good cheer and counsel will forever be 



Arnold Hirshon

Associate Provost & University Librarian

Case Western Reserve University

Kelvin Smith Library

Cleveland OH 44106


arnold.hirshon a case.edu <mailto:arnold.hirshon a case.edu>


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