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Elena Giglia elena.giglia a unito.it
Gio 21 Nov 2013 22:39:04 CET

Vi giro il link all'Open Access Button, uno strumento lanciato a 
Berlin11 per tracciare tutti gli accessi negati (e per aiutare a 
rintracciare il contenuto).
Si tratta di un bookmarklet, facilmente scaricabile e utilizzabile.
Da ieri quando l'ho visto la prima volta a oggi il numero di accessi 
negati e' semplicemnte raddoppiato.
Sarebbe utile iniziare a usarlo e diffonderlo anche in Italia.
Questa la presentazione dei due giovanissimi autori:
People are denied access to research hidden behind paywalls every day. 
This problem is invisible, but it slows innovation, kills curiosity and 
harms patients. This is an indictment of the current system. Open Access 
has given us the solution to this problem by allowing everyone to read 
and re-use research. We created the Open Access Button to track the 
impact of paywalls and help you get access to the research you need. By 
using the button you’ll help show the impact of this problem, drive 
awareness of the issue, and help change the system. Furthermore, the 
Open Access Button has several ways of helping you get access to the 
research you need right now.

Questa la presentazione di Heather Joseph di SPARC

> Earlier this week, at a satellite meeting of the Berlin 11 Open 
> Access
> Conference, an innovative new tool to help enable access to research
> was unveiled. The Open Access Button, brainchild of undergraduate
> medical students David Carroll and Joseph McArthur, was designed to
> tackle the frustration shared by millions of individuals who search
> for research articles online, only to have their progress slowed –
> and often halted – by paywall pages requesting payment in exchange
> for viewing the article.

> Paywalls are so ubiquitous that most people simply take for granted
> that they are simply an unavoidable part of the status quo. McArthur
> and Carroll, however, do not. After meeting Nick Shockey (SPARC’s
> Student Advocacy lead, and the Director of the Student Right to
> Research Coalition) at meeting last Spring, the two were convinced
> that they could take action to “turn those individual moments of
> frustration into opportunities for positive change,” and constructed
> a simple, elegant solution for doing exactly that.

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