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DOAJ festeggia il compleanno.

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Oggetto: 	[GOAL] DOAJ celebrates 10 years at the heart of Open Access
Data: 	Thu, 16 May 2013 13:46:45 +0200 (CEST)
Mittente: 	Dom Mitchell <dom a doaj.org>
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Dear colleagues,

/Copenhagen, Denmark/ - It is now 10 years since a new initiative was 
set in motion: The Directory of Open Access Journals is the result of a 
unique venture between Lund University Libraries, supported by the 
Information Program of the Open Society Institute 
(http://www.osi.hu/infoprogram/), along with SPARC (The Scholarly 
Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, (http://sparceurope.org).

Back in February 2003 
<http://www.doaj.org/doaj?func=news&nId=42&uiLanguage=en>, the then 
Program Manager of the Open Access Program at the Open Society 
Melissa Hagemann said, somewhat prophetically, "Open access journals can 
compete with traditional subscription-based journals if librarians and 
users are made aware of these titles, and the Directory of Open Access 
Journals is the way to publicise their existence." Happily, she was 
right and today, DOAJ sits at the very heart of open access scholarly 
content on the web.

Today, Melissa told us that the "Directory [has] become a major 
reference tool for the scholarly communications community. Back in 2002, 
when OSF helped to define OA, we thought that it wasn't enough to simply 
call for the development of OA journals, but we knew that there had to 
be a guide or directory where users could find and access these open 
resources. Thus we were pleased to support the development of the DOAJ 
and have been proud to see that it is now a resource used by libraries 
throughout the world." Today, DOAJ receives over 12 million page 
requests a month, lists journals in 51 different languages, from 119 
countries and is used the whole world over.

Today it is hard to imagine a world without the open access publishing 
model, without open access content freely available online for everyone 
to use, re-use and add to. Back in 2002, it was a very different story 
and the open access model was struggling to gain a real footing in the 
scholarly publishing communities. Libraries were struggling to retain 
journal collections as they saw their budgets cut and subscription 
prices hiked. The open access movement was seen as a radical one, looked 
on with some derision by traditional publishers. Therefore, one of the 
primary tasks of establishing the DOAJ was to increase the visibility on 
the web and in library holdings of open access content, alongside the 
more traditional fee-based journals. Who would have thought that in ten 
years‚?? time, we would see scholarly content from well-established 
publishers rubbing shoulders with content from emerging territories, 
from newborn journals and from journals with experimental business or 
publishing models? And yet, the content indexed in DOAJ today is all 
that and more.

Over the years, open access journals have developed rapidly and so have 
the demands and expectations of the online communities consuming the 
information published. DOAJ has already started strategic partnerships 
<http://www.doaj.org/doaj?func=news&nId=3&uiLanguage=en> to carry it 
through the next 10 years: a new home under the management of 
Infrastructure Services for Open Access (www.is4oa.org 
<http://www.is4oa.org/>), a new platform implemented by SemperTool 
<http://www.sempertool.dk/>) and new, tighter criteria for including 
journals in DOAJ.

DOAJ‚??s various stakeholders ‚?? researchers, funders, universities, 
libraries, and users - all have demands and expectations of the DOAJ 
service and thus the next ten years will see continued development of 
services so that DOAJ can strive to meet and exceed expectations. 
Collaboration and being an active part in the community is key to 
DOAJ‚??s success so we will be interacting more with the community that 
has supported us so avidly.

DOAJ‚??s managing director, Lars BjÝrnshauge, said ‚??We are very 
grateful for the support over the years from all of our members, 
supporters & sponsors and we are delighted that DOAJ has reached such an 
important milestone. While we have already made such great progress in 
2013, I feel that we have so much more to do. I hope that DOAJ can 
continue to count on support from the community and allow us to reach 
our goals over the next 10 years.‚??

Find out more information on how to support 

Thank you for reading,

Best wishes, Dom

Dom Mitchell
Community Manager, DOAJ
Tel: +46 (0)702044095 - mob/cell
      +44 (0)207 097 8565

Support us! http://www.doaj.org/doaj?func=loadTemplate&template=supportDoaj
Follow us https://twitter.com/DOAJplus

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