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Primary Research Group Publication Alert


*Primary Research Group has published /Institutional Digital Repository 
Benchmarks, 2013 Edition/, ISBN 978-157440-238-4*

This 117 page study presents data from 33 institutions, mostly 
universities and other colleges, about their institutional digital 
repositories.The report presents hard data on the holdings of the 
repositories, and the growth in their stock of journal articles, books, 
dissertations, images, video and other forms of intellectual 
property.The study also gives detailed info on budgets and operating 
costs, including the cost of professional labor, as well as details on 
what is downloaded from the sites and by whom. These details include 
data on downloads from within or outside the institution, and by nation 
of origin of the downloader, among other variables.In addition, the 
study looks at issues such as marketing the repository, assuring 
cooperation from faculty, sources of funding, impact on the parent 
institution's reputation, growth rates of content and downloading, 
trends in cataloging and other issues.

Just a few of the report's many findings were that:

  * 54.55% of repositories sampled contain video files.
  * 21.1% of the repositories sampled publish an annual report.
  * 9.1% of repositories in the sample have their own Facebook site.
  * 36.3% of colleges in the sample with more than 25,000 students have
    formed reciprocal access, development or marketing arrangements with
    other digital repositories.
  * The median number of direct downloads of articles, image files and
    other forms of intellectual property from the repositories in the
    sample in the past year was 158,332. The maximum was close to 2,900,000.
  * Close to 45% of repository downloads come form scholars and other
    users within the institution itself.

A PDF version of the report is currently available from Primary Research 
Group and a print version will be ready to ship on May 8, 2013 and can 
be ordered now. For a table of contents, list of participants, 
questionnaire and free excerpt, or to place an order, view our website 
at www.PrimaryResearch.com 
The price of the report is $98; site licenses are also available.


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