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*Open Access Journal LIS Critique* - Call for papers - Reminder *June 30,
2012 deadline for manuscripts No.1 Vol.5 (Jan-Jun 12)*
[please pass along to your co-workers, colleagues, networks, lists]

*Dear colleagues,*

Please remember that this *June 30, 2012 is the dealine to receive
manuscripts* for our *journal Library and Information Science Critique:
Journal of the Sciences of Information Recorded in Documents, No.1 Vol.5
(Jan-Jun 2012).*

Here you can download at *E-LIS the full text of the whole issue* in free
of charge Open Access (Vol.4 No.2 Jul-Dec 2011):

Also we inform you that* soon*, after couple of years of fighting, *we will
obtain the ISSN number* which was to great extent under censorship.

We accept original contributions for the 3 categories of the journal: 10 to
15 pages (if more no worries, space is no problem, send it anyway) for
articles and essays, and book reviews. We employ APA style but if you are
happy with other style is fine with us as long as you are consistent, send
it anyway.
More instructions here:

Editorial policy:

Editorial Board:

   1. Ms. Tatiana Carsen, ARGENTINA, Universidad Nacional de Quilmas
   (postgraduate student); CAICYT-CONICET; GESBI.
   2. Ms. Veronica Saquilán, ARGENTINA, Librarian at the Faculty of
   Psychology, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata.
   3. Prof. Dr. Priti Jain, PhD BOTSWANA, PhD in Library and Information
   Science, University of South Africa; Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Library &
   Information Studies in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of
   4. Prof. Dr. Nanci Elizabeth Oddone, Phd, BRAZIL, Federal University of
   Bahia, Graduate Program in Information Science.
   5. Ms. Rocío Olivares, COLOMBIA, University of Quindio (B.A. in
   Archives); Librarian at the Documentation Center of FEDEPALMA.
   6. Ms. Paola Andrea Ramírez Pérez, COLOMBIA, B.A. in Library and
   Information Science; Student of Master of Philosophy and Ethics, University
   of Antioquia, Colombia.
   7. Mr. Karl Dietz, GERMANY, KarlDietz.de; LIS B.A. & Diplom-Dokumentar
   (FH) at Schwäbisch Gmünd.
   8. Prof. Dr. Bhojaraju Gunjal, PhD, INDIA, University of Mysore,
   Department of Studies in Information Science, Australia (Post-Doc student).
   9. Prof. Dr. R. Raman Nair, PhD, INDIA, PhD in Library and Information
   Studies & M.A. in History, University of Kerala, India; University
   Librarian of the Mahatma Gandhi University.
   10. Ms. Antonella De Robbio, ITALY, Librarian at University of Padova;
   founding member of E-LIS: E-prints of Library and Information Science.
   11. Prof. Dr. Felipe Meneses Tello, PhD MEXICO, National Autonomous
   University (UNAM); PhD in Librarianship and Information Studies; Master in
   Library Science; Undergraduate Degree in Library Science (UNAM); Lecturer
   at Department of Library Science, UNAM; Coordinator of Mathematics
   Institute, UNAM; Founder of the Circle of Social and Political Studies in
   12. Prof. Dr. Zapopan Martín Muela-Meza, PhD, MEXICO, PhD in Information
   Studies, University of Sheffield, UK; Master in Library Science at State
   Universtiy of New York at Buffalo, NY, USA; LIS B.A. UANL, Mexico. LIS
   Adjunct Professor at the Nuevo Leon Autonomous University (Mexico)
   13. Ms. Beatriz Elena Rodríguez García, MEXICO, M.L.S. at National
   University of Puerto Rico; LIS B.A. San Luis Potosi Autonomous University,
   Mexico. LIS Distance Lecturer at the Guadalajara University, Mexico.
   14. Prof. Dr. José Antonio Torres-Reyes, PhD, MÉXICO, Universidad
   Autónoma de Nuevo León; Editor E-LIS México; PhD in Scientific Information,
   Universidad de Granada, Spain; LIS B.A., UANL, Mexico.
   15. Mr. James Campbell, NICARAGUA, LIS Lecturer; editor of
   BiblioNica.org (Nicaragua Librarianship site); LIS B.A. at National
   University of Nicaragua.
   16. Prof. Dr. Rosalía Quiroz Papa de García, PhD, PERU, Professor at
   Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru.
   17. Ms. Roxana Huamán Huriarte, PERU, Librarian at the Pontificia
   Catholic University of Peru, Lima, Peru; LIS B.A. and Master student at
   Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru.
   18. Prof. Dr. Paula Sequeiros, PhD, PORTUGAL, Universidade do Porto,
   Department of Sociology; PhD & MLS at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya,
   Spain; E-LIS Editor for Portugal.
   19. Ms. Danica Radovanovic, PhD candidate SERBIA, PhD candidate at the
   Oxford University and M.L.S. at University of Belgrade.
   20. Prof. Dr. Colin Darch, PhD, SOUTH AFRICA, Professor and University
   Librarian at University of Cape Town, South Africa; B.A., M.A. Oxford
   University, A.L.A. Northwestern Polytechnic, London; PhD at Bradford
   21. Prof. Dr. José Antonio Frias Montoya, PhD, SPAIN, Professor at the
   University of Salamanca.
   22. Prof. Dr. María del Carmen López Illescas, PhD, SPAIN, PhD in
   Scientific Information at Universidad de Granada; Researcher at the Spanish
   National Research Council (CSIC).
   23. Ms. Iryna Solodovnik , UKRAINIE, PhD candidate at the University of
   Calabria, Italy.
   24. Ms. Isabel Espinal, USA, PhD candidate at the University of
   Massachussetts at Amherst; MLS at University of California at Berkeley.
   25. Ms. Dulfa María Omaña Benítez, VENEZUELA, Universidad Católica
   Andrés Bello (post-graduate student); Director of the National Center of
   Information and Documentation of the Plastic Arts of the National Gallery
   of Arts of Venezuela.

Full profile of editorial board members including their lines of research
and other information about their LIS experience, theory and expertise:

Proof readers
Prof. Dr. Zapopan Martín Muela Meza,  MEXICO, UANL; Coordinator of E-LIS
Mexico Team.
Seth Kershner,  USA.,  MLS, Simmons College,
Boston, Massasshussetts; Adjunct Instructor of Modern
Languages, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, North Adams,
Cheryl Nabati, USA., Librarian, Tidewater Community College Libraries,
Virginia; MLS, SUNY-Buffalo.

Archive of the journal since the first issue back in Jul-Dec 2008:

You may also find us indexed at LATINDEX, the Latin American Index for
Journals at UNAM:

And one more time, *thank you all of you for keep on reading us, citing us*,
and above all *publishing in our journal*, your *total free of charge Open
Access platform* where we have been in communication with you for more than
3 years fighting against all odds to offer you a venue for *international
bilingual English-Spanish debates* on a constant critique to capitalism
affecting LIS issues in any milieu or corner of the planet.

In addition I keep on thanking our editorial and proof reading team who
offer their sound contributions to our journal in a voluntary fashion fully
free of charge, simply for the sake of fostering a sound communication
critical to capitalism on LIS issues and other information related.

Thank you to all of you and we eagerly *wait for your papers by the end of
this month* or *future editions* (if you don't meet the dealine we may
still accept your papers couple of days after... we're a totally free of
charge voluntary project through all the processes, and only motivated to
push the limits on critique to capitalism on LiS and other information
issues, not by profit like the vultures and enslavers of the pay-per-access
capitalist, plundering and thieves publishing and information industries
and corporations who charge stratospheric fees for authors to publish, for
readers and librarians and libraries to read, who don't pay a penny to peer
reviewers, or royalties to anyone, and who STEAL ALL THE PROFITS THEY MAKE


Dr. Zapopan Muela
Director and Editor in Chief of the international peer review journal:
Library and Information Science Critique: Journal of the Sciences of
Information Recorded in Documents (Critica Bibliotecologica: Revista de las
Ciencias de la Informacion)

Dr. Zapopan Martín Muela Meza, PhD
Doctor in Information Studies, University of Sheffield,
*"Only true persons are those who free man from*
*the chains that imprison his reason" -- Maxim Gorky, novel The Mother, 1907
"Sólo son verdaderas personas quienes arrancan al hombre
las cadenas que sujetan su razón." --Máximo Gorki, novela La madre, 1907
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