[Oa-italia] Dichiarazioni sull'OA dell'editor-in-chief di Nature e di altri

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Uno dei commenti all'articolo indicato da Rosa:
 "Open access to research is inevitable, but several of the statements quoted are disingenuous. The cost of data processing falls by half every 18 months; why has the cost of electronic journal subscriptions been rising? Nature Publishing Group employs a staff of 100 but publishes more than 3000 articles/yr. They say it would cost $10k per article to go open access. Are they really paying their staff an AVERAGE salary of $300k??? Elsevier say global R&D budgets grow by 4% per year while library budgets are flat and that this is the cause of the gap in journal affordability. If this were true, why are subscription costs rising at 7% per year? 
Universities are suffering a decline in public support because the broader public is being denied access to academic work. At some point the universities need to answer why they are allowing publicly supported faculty and staff to donate their time and effort in support of proprietary publishers. And the public academic institutions need to explain why they are routinely transferring valuable intellectual property (copyright) to these publishers without receiving compensation or undertaking an open and transparent negotiating process."
E' una battaglia lunga e difficile.Unfair.
Valentina Comba

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Oggetto: [Oa-italia] Dichiarazioni sull'OA dell'editor-in-chief di Nature e di altri

Da "The Guardian" dell'8 giugno 2012 (scusandomi nel caso sia già  
circolata questa segnalazione):

"Open access to research is inevitable, says Nature editor-in-chief.
Philip Campbell says the experience of open access to scientific  
research is 'very compelling' for readers and scientists".

Prima di entusiasmarci troppo per questa notizia leggiamo che, sul  
modello economico di Nature, l'autore osserva:
""..... Nature Publishing Group, he said, employed around 100 editors  
across its titles whose job is to assess submissions and organise peer  
review. Additional investment was required to maintain the digital  
platforms that host papers. All of these costs are currently met by a  
combination of subscriptions and fees from authors paying for  
so-called gold open access – an option operated by Nature where  
authors pay an upfront fee for their paper to be available immediately.
If gold open access became the norm for the primary literature,  
Campbell said that the cost per article could be in excess of $10,000  
to publish in highly selective journals such as Nature, Cell or  

L'articolo riporta commenti anche di altri editori, tra cui Elsevier:
""Alicia Wise, director of universal access at Elsevier, addressed  
concerns from academics that the cost of journal subscriptions was too  
high. She said there was a gap between what university libraries would  
like to have in their collections and what they can afford to  
subscribe to, but that "gap exists not because of our prices or our  
profit, but because, for decades, there's been a widening gap between  
library budgets and the global investment in R&D".""

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