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*From: Hauser, Julia* <J.Hauser a dnb.de>
Date: 2012/1/25
Subject: The German National Bibliography as Linked Open Data

We are happy to announce that our *Linked Data Service* has expanded and
now includes *bibliographic data.*

In the year 2010 the *German National Library (DNB)* started to publish its
*authority data* as* linked data*. Our *Linked Data Service* [1] has
expanded and now includes bibliographic data. As part of this process the
license for linked data will also be changed to “*Creative Commons Zero*”

As a first step, the bibliographic data of the DNB’s main collection (apart
from the printed music and the collection  of the Deutsches Exilarchiv) and
the serials (magazines, newspapers and series of the German Union Catalogue
of serials (ZDB)) have been converted. Henceforth the
RDF/XML-representation of the records are available at the DNB portal [3].
This is an experimental service that will be continually expanded and
improved. Closer information about modeling and further procedures can be
found in the updated German documentation [4] and in the soon coming
updated English documentation [5].

We welcome comments and questions on the wiki documentation site [1].

Best regards,
Julia Hauser

[1] *https://wiki.dnb.de/display/LDS/* <https://wiki.dnb.de/display/LDS/>
[2] *http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/*<http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/>
[3] *http://portal.dnb.de/* <http://portal.dnb.de/>
[4] *http://files.d-nb.de/pdf/linked_data.pdf*<http://files.d-nb.de/pdf/linked_data.pdf>
[5] *http://files.d-nb.de/pdf/linked_data_e.pdf*<http://files.d-nb.de/pdf/linked_data_e.pdf>
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