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The division of Scientific Communication is active in the field of
bibliometrics and has the following tasks and responsibilities:
Perform bibliometric analysis from Lund University publications.
Support decision makers and scientists at Lund University to interpret
external bibliometric evaluations.
Raise the level of awareness and knowledge of bibliometrics within the
Follow the development within the field.

Bibliometrics as a tool for research evaluation

A number of indicators for measuring scientific impact have been
developed in the field of bibliometrics. Most of these are based on
different ways of measuring the number of citations of publications
from a specified unit (e.g. a department or university). If
publications from the evaluated unit are cited often, this indicates
that the published research findings have had an impact on the
scientific community.

Since the beginning of the 1980’s, bibliometric analysis has become an
increasingly important tool in research evaluation. In several
countries, including Australia, United Kingdom, the Netherlands and
Norway, bibliometric indicators are used by national funding councils
in assessments of higher education.

With the passing of the government bill “A Boost to Research and
Innovation” (2008/09:50), the Swedish government has decided to go in
the same direction and is now using a bibliometric indicator in the
national research funding framework. Ten percent of the regular
research funds to universities and university colleges are now
distributed using performance indicators. Half of these funds are
based on the amount of external funding the institutions have been
able to attract; the other half is based on a bibliometric indicator
which has been developed for this specific purpose.


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