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Giro alla lista perche' si tratta di iniziativa interessante.
Sicuramente fara' discutere, ma ha gia' raggiunto oltre mille sostenitori
fra i ricercatori.
Il Research Work Act minaccia alla fondamenta la politica OA dell'NIH e
quella prevista per le altre agenzie federali USA.
buona giornata

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Oggetto: Call to join Elsevier boycott
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From: Heather Morrison <heatherm a eln.bc.ca>
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2012 14:12:00 -0800

Fellow librarians

For years librarians have worked to encourage faculty to change their
publishing practices to support affordable alternatives. Today, over 2,000
faculty have heeded the call and joined in the Elsevier boycott initiated
by mathematician Timothy Gowers.

We librarians are very aware of the very high cost of Elsevier
journals, the harm that bundling does to scholarly communication
overall by taking flexibility away from libraries so that scholarly
monographs and journals of publishers outside the big deals are always the
ones being cancelled. In addition, Elsevier has recently very
actively lobbied for laws that are not in the interests of scholars or
libraries - SOPA, PIPA, and the Research Works Act which would make it
impossible for the U.S. to mandate public access to the results of
research that it funds.

It is timely for us to practice what we preach, which includes
addressing our own journals, including the Journal of Academic
Librarianship and Serials Review, which are owned by Elsevier. Please join
the growing Elsevier boycott - details and a link to sign up can be found

Gavia Libraria, the Library Loon, has some tips on alternatives for those
with interest and energy for editing, writing or reviewing:

All the best,

Heather Morrison, MLIS
Doctoral Candidate, Simon Fraser University School of Communication
The Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics

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