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Greetings. I have updated my blog for your interest:

Peter Suber’s “Promoting Open Access in the Humanities”—eight years later

Momentum in the adoption (by scholars/researchers) and support (by
colleges/universities, funding agencies, and libraries) of open access
scholarly publishing is growing in all academic disciplines. But the pace
of adoption and support is much quicker in the sciences than in the
humanities. Why is that?

Open access advocate, Peter Suber, who is himself a humanist scholar
(philosopher), gave a presentation in 2004 at the Annual Meeting of the
American Philological Association in San Francisco, later revised as an
article entitled “Promoting Open Access in the Humanities.” In the
article, Suber enumerates nine cultural and economic differences between
the humanities and the sciences to explain why open access is “moving so
slowly in the humanities.” Many of Suber’s points
(summarized from the article here) continue to hold-up—now eight years
later—though changes are clearly evident.

Your comments are welcome (please submit them directly to the post on my
blog). Thanks!

Gary F. Daught
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