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Several initiatives are currently underway to celebrate Public Domain
Day 2011 on January 1st. We have updated the Public Domain Day website
(http://publicdomainday.org/), managed by COMMUNIA with special
support from the Open Knowledge Foundation (http://okfn.org). The main
objective is to provide resources and information related to such
important date, and particularly about upcoming events planned across
the world.

In Torino, Italy, a is scheduled for the 22nd of January, focusing on
Vito Volterra and Francis Scott Fitzgerald, two great authors who
passed away in 1940 (http://nexa.polito.it/pd-day-2011).

On the 1.st of January in Zurich, Switzerland, a "public brunch" is
planned at Cabaret Voltaire, where in 1916 the art movement known as
Dada was launched. Co-organized by Digitale Allmend, Dock18 and
Wikimedia CH, the event will address the active reuse of PD works by
society at large, and especially by children. There will be at least
five "working stations", where children (and adults) could actually
apply their creativity in reusing PD works. Local organizers will also
explore the legacy and production of well-known artists such as Paul
Klee and Selma Lagerlöf.

If you are planning a local event to celebrate PD Day, please email
us: pd-day [at] communia-project [dot] eu

For more details:  http://publicdomainday.org/  -  http://communia-project.eu


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