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Da The Scientist, 8 Nov 2010:
Price of peer review
A new report estimates that peer review costs UK
universities £165 million per year in terms of the time
academics spend reviewing others’ manuscripts (roughly 3
million hours). The Value of UK HEIs’ Contribution to the
Publishing Process: Summary Report further estimates that
it costs another £30 million to employ editors and
editorial boards. The report was commissioned by the UK
body that negotiates journal subscription prices for UK
research libraries, the Joint Information Systems
Committee Collections, and was intended to show how much
academia already contributes financially to publishing, on
top of subscriptions, Jisc Collections’ chief executive
Lorraine Estelle told the Times Higher Education (THE).
The new report provides “more evidence of how unjustified
the hyper-inflationary journal price rises of the past
three decades have been,” Phil Sykes, university librarian
at the University of Liverpool and chair of Research
Libraries UK, told THE

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