[Oa-italia] articolo di D.King su OA author pays

Elena Giglia elena.giglia a unito.it
Mar 16 Mar 2010 22:01:34 CET

Sull'ultimo numero di D-Lib Magazine e' apparso l'articolo
di Donald W. King su An Approach to Open Access Author
Riporto l'abstract, sembra interessante:
There have been hundreds of articles in recent years
exhorting the strengths and warning of the weaknesses of
Open Access through author payment. This article discusses
a few of the favorable and unfavorable issues and proposes
an approach that takes advantage of the favorable aspects
and overcomes some of the unfavorable ones. It requires
extensive government support, which may or may not be
feasible, but the approach is presented here nevertheless.
Some evidence is given for the potential savings that
would be achieved by scientists, publishers and libraries
in the US

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