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Susanna Mornati mornati a cilea.it
Sab 23 Gen 2010 14:56:11 CET

Inoltro la notizia della pubblicazione di un nuovo rapporto JISC sui 
dati della ricerca.
Saluti, SM

Anyone involved in storing and curating research data knows well that
disciplines do things differently. Whether we see research domains as a
thousand blooming flowers or a tower of Babel, that diversity presents
challenges for data curation. Through a series of seven case studies in
different disciplines, the Digital Curation Centre's SCARP project aimed to
help understand these challenges and build on current digital data
management and preservation practices in each case.

One of this JISC-funded project's final outputs is a synthesis study and the
DCC is pleased to announce the report "Data Dimensions: Disciplinary
Differences in Research Data Sharing, Reuse and Long term Viability", which
has been written by Key Perspectives.

This synthesis report draws on the SCARP case studies plus a number of
others (identified in the Appendix), and identifies factors that help
understand how curation practices in research groups differ in disciplinary
terms. This provides a backdrop to different digital curation approaches.

The synthesis report and individual case studies are available for download
at www.dcc.ac.uk/scarp.

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