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Inoltro alla lista questa notizia interessante per chi
lavora nel contesto delle scienze sociali.

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Press Release
February 18, 2010

Hindawi is pleased to announce the launch of Economics
International, Hindawi's first open access journal in the
sciences. The journal will publish research and review
in all areas of economics, and highlight key areas of
through the development of topic-oriented Special Issues. The
journal is led by a diverse and international Editorial
The journal's website is located at

"Given the great success that we have had with our open
journals in all areas of science, technology, and
medicine, we
look forward to expanding our open access journal
collection into  the social sciences and humanities," said
Paul Peters, Hindawi's
Head of Business Development. "We are currently planning to
launch a number of additional titles within the social
and humanities during the coming months."

For more information please contact:

Paul Peters
Head of Business Development
Hindawi Publishing Corporation
Email: paul.peters a hindawi.com

Hindawi Publishing Corporation is a rapidly growing scholarly
publisher with more than 200 peer-reviewed, open access
covering a wide range of subject areas. The company web
site is
located at http://www.hindawi.com/.

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