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Neelie Kroes (vice president della Commissione europea e responsabile della
Digital Agenda), *The Challenge of Open Access*. Discorso pronunciato in
occasione della presentazione di OpenAIRE, the European infrastructure for
open access publishing of research results, Genth, 2 December 2010,

<<Free online access to peer-reviewed scientific publications has emerged as
a potent ingredient of this process of sharing. This is because knowledge
grows when shared. Thus wider participation means better science. This
principle is widely accepted in the scientific community, although many
individual scientists are still slow to put it in practice...
... áI want to stress that this means much more than just downloading
articles in PDF. It also means new ways of indexing, annotating, ordering
and linking research results – and new methods to automate all this. I am
convinced that we will see new services developing on top of the information
infrastructure open access provides....
... above all, open access to scientific information is important because it
helps citizens to their right to have access to knowledge produced using
public funds. It is the exercise of all those holding a public office to
protect this right and to take all the measures required to maximise the
return on public funding that open access can deliver.
... Open access is a legal and technical reality today. The question is no
longer ‘if’ we should have open access. The question is about ‘how’ we
should develop it further and promote it...>>

Vedi anche *Research: OpenAIRE opens access to EU scientific results*, 2
December 2010,

Info su OpenAIRE (progetto europeo finanziato nell'ambito del 7. Programma
Quadro): http://www.openaire.eu/.

Rosa Maiello

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