[Oa-italia] Open access - Resolution for the IFLA General Assembly, Saturday August 14th, 2010

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Ven 20 Ago 2010 18:26:35 CEST

Spedisco il testo della risoluzione dell'Assemblea generale dell'IFLA 
del 14 agosto 2010; la risoluzione č stata pubblicata su "IFLA Express", 
no. 4, 2010. E' stata approvata all'unanimitā, quindi anche con il voto 
pesante dell'AIB che dispone di 30 quote. Spero che una risoluzione 
simile sia approvata anche al Congresso AIB di Firenze.
Mauro Guerrini

  Resolution for the IFLA General Assembly, Saturday August 14^th , 2010


IFLA`s position on and future activities related to the promotion of 
Open Access to Scholarly Literature.


We highly welcome that IFLA´s president so strongly has placed Open 
Access on top of IFLA`s agenda.

In line with this and as a follow-up to the statement on 'Open access to 
Scholarly Literature and Research documentation 
<http://archive.ifla.org/V/cdoc/open-access04.html>` taken by the 
Governing Board in 2004, we ask that IFLA in its relevant activities and 
communications take an explicit and clear stand on the Open Access 
issues and that it develops a strategy for action. As an organization of 
library groups and librarians, we now wish to point IFLA even more 
energetically to a desired endstate of widest possible information 
access for all: where possible, in collaboration with other partners in 
the academic, public, publishing, and other communities.

Libraries and librarians are among the most important drivers in the 
global movement for Open Access. Open, unrestricted and immediate access 
to information is a fundamental requirement for the development of 
societies, for participatory governments and for the improvement of 
global health and human well-being. Such access also enables libraries 
and librarians to become maximally effective in supporting these 
societal needs.

The current predominant model – for example, of high-priced 
subscriptions to academic journals – is not sustainable and is not 
optimal for societal benefits in an age of new technology and 

For example, about 300 universities, research centers, research funders, 
academic and library associations have signed the Berlin Declaration on 
Open Access and bodies of research and higher education as well as 
political bodies all over the world have publicly endorsed the principle 
of Open access to publicly funded research.

The following recommendations have been compiled by the organizers of 
the IFLA Satellite Meeting on Open Access and the Changing Role of 
Libraries that was held on August 9 in Gothenburg:

- IFLA should reduce the definitional confusion by explicitly referring 
to Open Access according to the definition in the Berlin Declaration.and 
in relations and discussions with organizations such as UN, UNESCO, WHO, 
WIPO - etc. take an explicit position, affirming that Open Access is 
required in order for libraries to fulfill their role, for societies to 
develop, for the improvement of global health and human well-being.

- IFLA should work with key organizations that explicitly focus on Open 
Access and partner with or support initiatives, and community funded 
services that are in line with Open Access, prepare a joint statement 
with OASPA (Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association) and support 
all efforts to develop sustainable business models for Open Access 

- IFLA should encourage its member associations and institutions to 
build capacity and to engage in activities that promote Open Access, 
engage its relevant sections, committees etc. in making the Open Access 
issue strongly visible in their activities and make official IFLA 
publications available in an Open Access mode.

  Text of resolution:

The General Assembly

- calls upon IFLA to sign the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to 
Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities

- calls upon the Governing Board to request a White Paper on Open Access 
that clarifies IFLA:s position and strategy for action concerning Open 
Access and other areas of information.

- The Presidents Working Group for Open Access should be commissioned to 
prepare this White paper.

- The White Paper will among other matters elaborate on recommendations 
that have been compiled by the organizers of the IFLA Satellite Meeting 
on Open Access and the Changing Role of Libraries that was held on 
August 9 in Gothenburg.

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