[Oa-italia] 2. conferenza OASPA, Praga 22-24 agosto 2010

Maria Cassella maria.cassella a unito.it
Gio 8 Apr 2010 13:53:37 CEST

Riprendo e giro la notizia della 2. conferenza OASPA che si terrą a Praga dal 22 al 24 agosto 2010

segue messaggio:

ANNOUNCING: 2nd Conference on Open Access
Scholarly Publishing, 22-24 August, 2010

Following the success of our inaugural conference last September,=20
the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association, OASPA=20
(www.oaspa.org), is pleased to announce that registration is now=20
open for the 2nd Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing,=20
which will be held in Prague from 22-24 August 2010. The=20
conference is directed towards the interests of professional=20
publishing organizations, independent publishers and university=20
presses, as well as librarians, university administrators, and=20
other stakeholders.

Participants will have the opportunity to hear from many leading=20
figures within the open access publishing environment, and to=20
participate in break-out sessions that will highlight a number of=20
important issues related to open access publishing. A growing=20
list of speakers already includes: Trish Groves, Deputy Editor of=20
the British Medical Journal; Susan Murray, Director of African=20
Journals Online; Eelco Ferwerda, OAPEN Coordinator and Publisher=20
of Digital Products at the Amsterdam University Press; Donna=20
Livingstone, Director of the University of Calgary Press; Ulrich=20
P=F6schl, Executive Editor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics;=20
Gunther Eysenbach, Founding Editor and Publisher of the Journal=20
of Medical Internet Research; and Caroline Sutton, President of=20
OASPA and Co-Founder of Co-Action Publishing.

Additional information about the conference program,=20
registration, and accommodation can found on the conference=20
website at: www.oaspa.org/coasp/. Early bird registration fees=20
and reduced rates for OASPA members are available.

Members of OASPA are also invited to participate in the second=20
General Meeting of OASPA which will be held on the afternoon of=20
August 24 following the end of the conference.

Caroline Sutton, PhD
Co-Action Publishing
tel/skype: +46 (0)18 495 1126
mob: +47 90 69 05 06

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Universitą di Torino
Via Po, 17 - 10124 Torino
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