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Oggetto: March 31, 2010 Dramatic Growth of Open Access
Da:      "Heather Morrison" <hgmorris a sfu.ca>
Data:    Ven, 2 Aprile 2010, 3:25 am
A:       liblicense-l a lists.yale.edu

I just released the March 31, 2010 Dramatic Growth of Open


DOAJ is now at 4,863 journals, having added a net total of
journals in the past year for a DOAJ growth rate of over 2
titles  per day. The Bielefeld Academic Search Engine now
searches over
23 million documents; this is an increase of over 1.2
million in
the last quarter, or over 13,000 documents per day. There
are now  more than 200 open access mandate policies listed
with strong growth in every category. Compliance with the
National Institutes of Health Public Access Policy is 62%
- still  not 100%, but definitely getting closer. In the
past year,120
more journals began contributing all content as open
access to
PubMedCentral. There are now more than 5,000 journals
around the
world using Open Journal Systems (OJS).

Details and links can be found at:

Heather Morrison, MLIS

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