[Oa-italia] Al Google Settlement

Maria Cassella maria.cassella a unito.it
Mar 8 Set 2009 17:04:41 CEST

Non manca il sostegno delle universitÓ in alcuni stati americani

dell'UniversitÓ del Winsconsin

di altre universitÓ

Da non trascurare l'impatto sul servizio di ILL:

"NY Law School Professor James Grimmelmann noted Wisconsin's suggestion 
that ILL could be eliminated: "This aspect of the settlement 
[print-on-demand, one of the optional New Revenue Models] could also 
alter or eliminate the traditional interlibrary loan process. In the 
end, it may be more effective, in respect to both cost and time, to buy 
a single print copy on demand than to borrow and ship a copy from 
another library, resulting in additional fair compensation for the 
authors and publishers." (Library Journal 3/9/2009)

a presto


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