[Oa-italia] un articolo sull'atteggiamento dei bibliotecari accademici verso l'OA

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Mar 5 Maggio 2009 23:06:13 CEST

Sta per essere pubblicato in College & Research Libraries
questo curioso articolo di Kristi L. Palmer, Emily Dill,
and Charlene Christie, dal titolo "Where There’s a Will
There’s a Way?:  Survey of Academic Librarian Attitudes
about Open Access, ". Gli autori discutono il fatto che i
bibliotecari siano in teoria molto favorevoli all'accesso
aperto ma poi in pratica facciano poco per sostenerlo.

Academic libraries are becoming increasingly involved in
scholarly communication through work with institutional
repositories and other open access models. While academic
librarians are being encouraged to promote these new
models, their opinions about open access have not been
documented. This article reports on the results of a
national survey conducted in the summer of 2006 of
academic librarians’ attitudes toward open access
principles and related behaviors. While attitude responses
were largely positive, there were differences in levels of
support related to respondents’ job descriptions and
funding of open access activities. Surveyed librarians
appear to be more comfortable with tasks that translate
traditionally held responsibilities, such as educating
others, to the open access environment. Most significant
is the discrepancy between stated support of library
involvement in open access initiatives and significantly
lacking action toward this end. The results offer insight
into how open access proponents may better focus their
advocacy efforts.

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