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giro alla lista OA questo messaggio di Tommaso Giordano su
un nuovo studio olandese e sui vantaggi economici dell'OA
in Olanda. In effetti ad ElPub si Ŕ parlato dello studio
analogo sponsorizzato dal JISC e relativo alle universitÓ
britanniche. Quest'ultimo stimava un risparmio di 80
milioni di sterline annuali se non ricordo male.
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OA to scientific and scholarly information can save the
Netherlands EUR 133 million annually, says study - 12 Jun

OA to scientific and scholarly information can save the
Netherlands EUR 133 million annually, says study - 12 Jun
If every scientific and scholarly article were publicly
available, it would save the Netherlands EUR 133 million a
year, according to a
SURFfoundation study. The figure is given by Australian
economist Prof. John Houghton in a study that
SURFfoundation presented to the Dutch Ministry of
Education, Culture and Science.

The study found that currently, research universities and
'universities of applied sciences' [hogescholen] pay
millions of euros every year for access to scientific and
scholarly publications. Businesses, smaller hogescholen,
and other organisations often cannot afford the expensive
licences needed for access. If the 'Open Access' model
were to be
applied globally, there would be increased access to
research results for both researchers and the public at

The study titled 'Costs and Benefits of Research
Communication: The Dutch Situation' compares three
publication models. The greatest
advantage is offered by the Open Access model, which means
that the research institution or the party financing the
research pays for
publication and the article is then freely accessible.
According to the study, adopting this model could lead to
an annual saving of EUR 133 million. It further notes that
even if the Netherlands were the only country to adopt
this publication model and continued to pay for
licences to access periodicals, there would still be a
saving of EUR 37 million.

The report concludes that the advantages would not just be
in the long term; in the transitional phase too, more open
access to research
results would have positive effects.

The study was commissioned by SURFfoundation and forms
part of a series of similar studies carried out in
Denmark, Germany, and the UK. A survey will soon be
published of the advantages that Open Access publication
offers in those countries.

The full text of the study is available online at
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