[Oa-italia] RE: Costi di pubblicazione on OA su Royal Society - editore non profit

Maria Romano Maria.Romano a biomedcentral.com
Gio 11 Giu 2009 11:54:41 CEST

Buon giorno,

L'editore non profit Royal Society ha annunciato le nuove tariffe di pubblicazione in modalita' open access, in vigore dal 30 Aprile 09.


EXiS Open Choice Rates from April 30 2009

Research articles and reviews in Royal Society journals = 2600 ($4420)

Shorter format papers: Biology Letters and Notes and Records; reports in Journal of the Royal Society, Interface and introductions to Philosophical Transactions issues = 1500 ($2550) 

Entire theme issues of Philosophical Transactions A and Philosophical Transactions B attract a 20% discount. 

Please note that VAT is applicable for this service

Cordiali saluti,

Maria Romano

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